• 28th National Drawing and Print Competitive Exhibition

    Featuring drawings and prints by Miguel A. Aragon, David Avery, Jessica Burke, Lauren Caldarola, Rita Elsner, Carol Foerster, Gill Alexander, Joshua Hatfield, Sanzi Kermes, Dimitrina Kutriansky, Danielle Johns, Martyna Matusiak, Guy Moshayov, Bruce Muirhead, Robert Pierosh, John Sproul, Denise Stewart-Snabria, Caroline Thorington, Vesselina Traptcheva, Ralph Steeds, and Brian Webb.

    Juror Nicole Buckingham Kern '03, Gallery Coordinator at Community College of Baltimore County

    March 27 through April 28, 2017

    Reception and Gallery Talk Saturday, April 1 from 4 to 6 pm

  • “LEY LINES”opens Thursday, October 1, 2015

    Ley Lines: Connecting Media, Imagery, and Concept Across Contemporary Drawing opened Thursday, October 1st, 2015 in the Hammond Hall Gallery at Jacksonville State University from 5 – 7PM. An artist lecture by the Exhibition Awards Juror, Emily Sheehan, was given at 3:30PM in the Roundhouse Lecture Hall.

    Emily Sheehan is an Assistant Professor of Fine Art teaching Drawing at Indiana University Southeast. Emily’s artistic research/practice utilizes perceptual drawing (drawing from observation in a multi-sensory way) to explore the way marks left on a page become evidence of lived experience. Emily uses both traditional and nontraditional drawing materials, and techniques, to create works that provoke both herself and the viewer to linger in the human space between encounter and recounting where we make our world personal.

    This exhibition brings together diverse and exciting approaches to drawing practiced by contemporary artists across the United States. The artists represented in the show are John Calabrese, Therese Bauer, Sarah Heyward, Jen Erickson, Jeffrey Gelick, Lorianne Hubbard, Blake Conroy, Bruce Pollock, Macey Ley, Sam Smith, Karolina Kawiaka, Jessica Burke, Aubree Karner, Matthew McLaughlin, Nathan Carlson, Ming Hong, Carolyn Reed Barritt, Erin Schalk, Erin Almazan, Philip Carpenter, Aaliyah Gupta, Jim Pearson, Mark Butler, Danielle Johns, Luis Patino, Kathleen Thum, Charlotte Wegrzynowski, Iynx Nguyen, Tamie Beldue, Kevin Baer, Catherine Reinhardt, Carly Drew, Randi Ganulin, John Simmons, and Laura Ahola-Young.

  • Repetition Isolation: The Abundance Within

    Artist Talk:
    Saturday, October 18, 2014, 4-5PM

    Saturday, October 18, 2014, 5-6PM

    Disarmed by loss, three artists confront the silence of what has been left behind by the circumstances of the human condition. Through mixed-media sculptures and installations, Molly Burke and Bethany Haeseler each explore biomorphic forms and overgrowth on a macro level. There is a discomforting presence of being both consumed by and isolated within an environment. In contrast, Danielle Johns’ drawings quietly cast the viewer into a feeling of a longing & isolation.

    Observing the details and repetition that occurs in our environment, Molly Burke creates sculptural work that magnifies these circumstances with the use of repeating organic forms. Upon closer examination, the work explores life & death, the fringe of where our need to preserve the dead & science meet. References cells & tumors, objects that have been lost or forgotten, and a cataloguing of specimens, she examines her subjects on a microscopic plane. Shapes and forms repeat as they are blown out of proportion to the macro level.

    Bethany Haeseler investigates the human body from the inside out, demonstrating the physicality of abnormal growths and infectious diseases at the peak of an uninvited infection. Cell by cell, the abundance of these overgrowths becomes destructive to its once healthy host. Teetering on the body’s inability to heal itself against it’s own demise, the work explores the tipping point between mortality and it’s eventual submission to an uninvited disease.

    Danielle Johns’s work pulls the viewer back in a voyeuristic way, creating a distance and empathy with animal figures that appear to be stuck between feeling safe and lost. The lack of environment is a suggestion toward a mentally and psychologically charged space; a space that alludes to existentialist views on the human condition such as absence, loss, disconnect, and uncertainty. A silence has never been so loud.


    Molly Jo Burke
    Molly Jo Burke earned her MFA in Glass from Ohio State University, and her BFA in Ceramics from Columbus College of Art & Design. Currently, she serves as the Assistant Director of Graduate Studies at CCAD and a board member at ROY G Biv Gallery.

    Bethany Haeseler
    Bethany Haeseler earned her MFA in Glass from Ohio State University, and her BFA in Three-Dimensional Studies from Bowling Green State University. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Art Foundations/3d Design at SUNY Potsdam.

    Danielle Johns
    Danielle Johns earned her MFA in Printmaking from Rochester Institute of Technology and her BFA in Printmaking & BA in Psychology from SUNY Potsdam. She is currently an Adjunct Professor of Studio Art at SUNY Potsdam.